I got Gilmore’d and I liked it

I was a reluctant Gilmore fan. All the incessant fast talking did not immediately appeal to me. And then, one night over wine, sushi and cheese (I assume because I don’t really remember), my dear friend Meagan got me hooked. The banter, the love triangles, the wit, the humour…how had I ever lived without it?

And then it ended, as shows do, and you move on to replace them with new faves. The circle of TV life if you will. I seldom thought of Lorelei, Rory, Luke, Sukhi, Kirk, Emily, Richard, Christopher, Dean, Logan, Jess, Paris, Taylor or Stars Hollow again.

That is, until Netflix gave me permission to get my hopes up. Netflix, the answer to so many TV wishes, got their hooks into the series and resurrected it. My anticipation built with Luke’s pop-up diners. The binge-watching began. All recent TV  obsessions went on hold in preparation for November 25. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.   Four, 90 minute episodes. An opportunity to see what time has done to Lorelai, Rory and their peeps. And just like that, in two short days, it was over. 

WARNING! Spoilers ahead

Here’s the good. The characters are still charming as ever. The cast chemistry – amazing. Luke and Lorelai, on point. Emily seeing a therapist and in jeans – about time. The family dealing with grief over losing Richard – truly moving. I may have teared up! Taylor and the town – crazy as ever and I loved it.

Here’s the bad though. 90 minutes of banter without breaks…is long. Even for a Gilmore lover. Sometimes…it was too much. The musical? Yuck. Too much Kirk, not enough Sukhi. I missed her. She tempers Lorelai’s crazy and is straight up one of the best parts of the original series. Having to wait until Fall (episode 4) to see Sukhi was just mean. 

And of course, there’s Rory’s love life. Will she and Jess ever give it a proper go? What is this thing with Logan, anyway? And her pregnancy cliffhanger (which you totally knew was coming the moment she went to see her dad) – assume this will all be answered in Season 2, Netflix? Don’t leave us in suspense – just announce the date already.