This is not a blog…

It’s my very own lifestyle ‘zine documenting my journey to get my groove back. Seriously. I don’t know where I lost it – but I’m on a mission to find it.  I’m hoping that my commitment to eat well, travel often and live beautifully will get me there.

So here I go. Ready to document how I’m taking back control of my life by engaging in a healthy lifestyle, enjoying my city, making my travel dreams a reality and satisfying my obsession with pop culture. And if I have time, I’ll finally get around to decorating my condo.

Stay tuned as I cook my way through Joyous Health, Skinny Bitch and Oh She Glows, workout with my fabulous trainer Noreen, give colourful commentary on pop culture (North West has a stylist? I’m doing life wrong) and experience all the world has to offer by travelling as often as possible.

You may also be subjected to my day job by way of client news (hey, I work in PR), events, and the occasional fashion post (I like to shop, a lot).

Thanks for reading.

Gabs xo